Choose Tong Lay Doo for Your Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Tong Lay Doo offers start-to-finish industrial sheet metal fabrication for our customers. From simple parts to large complex assemblies, we have the equipment and capacity to handle any request from you.

We complete all laser cutting, punching, bending, riveting, robotic, and manual welding for our sheet metal fabrication processes. Our in-house assembly allows us to provide low-cost service and cost-effective solutions for you.

With Tong Lay Doo, you can experience the best all-in-one sheet metal fabrication service to launch your products faster into the market.

Our Advantages

  • Fulfill low-quantity needs
  • Provide in-house assembly
  • Introduce products to market swiftly
  • Save investment costs in tooling

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Prototype Fabrication

Bending Machine

With 20 years of experience in metal fabrication, Tong Lay Doo constantly innovates using laser cutting machines, computerized punching press machines, computerized bending machines, and soft tooling for prototypes.

Tooling Design and Low-volume Manufacturing

We aim to enhance die-making time, precision, and longevity to maximize satisfaction. We provide design proposals to improve sheet metal product structure and reduce costs for you. Our technicians can reduce lead time and meet various customer demands.


 Mass Production


We offer a professional sheet metal production service with a cost-effective and flexible process,  prioritizing stability, quality, and efficiency while providing surface treatment processing, cleaning facilities, assembly, testing, and packaging services.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication Materials

Here are all of the materials available. We provide services for steel, copper, and aluminum sheet metal fabrication. If you wish to require a custom sheet metal fabrication service with different materials, please contact us for availability.

  • Aluminum: 5052, 6061
  • Steel: Stainless steel 304, 316L, Mild steel 1018
  • Copper: C110

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